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3 Top Ways to Recruit Generation Z

They’re practical. They’re tech-savvy. They’re the next generation.

As part of the class of 2018, the next wave of Gen Z'rs are heading into the job market and they’re hungry to start their careers.

If you’re looking to hire from this group of recent grads, here are some tips on how to recruit them.

1. Offer Growth

What’s the career path for the role you’re looking to fill? If you don’t know the answer to that question, take the time to map out career progression for open positions. 76% of recent graduates ranked opportunity for growth as the most important factor in a role according to our recent white paper, What the Class of 2018 Wants. Our CEO, Tom Gimbel, told the Chicago Tribune that "People, especially early in their careers, want to feel that they're wanted and that there's a real investment in their future." So whatever the path may be, make sure you're able to speak to it in interviews. Better yet, have employees that have grown within the company included in the interview process.

2. Network

Despite having grown up in a digital age, Gen Z prefer face-to-face communication, and are networking to find their first gig. According to an article by the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM), 84% of Gen Z state that face to face is their preferred mode of communication. Utilize connections with local universities and attend their networking events and career fairs. Even if your company doesn’t work with a university, look online for local networking events where you can meet these new graduates in a less formal setting.

3. Showcase Your Culture

Offering a dynamic company culture will help strengthen your offer when you find the right candidate. Think beyond happy hours and ping pong tables. Show candidates how your company supports employees that need development and encourages teams to learn and grow together. Encourage them to ask about the culture during the interview process so they can hear firsthand from current employees. Also make sure to screen candidates for culture fit, so you're only bringing in people that will strengthen your team.

Learn more about how to recruit and retain the class of 2018 in our white paper by downloading it here.