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3 Ideas to Achieve Gender Equality in the Workplace

- There are fewer women CEOs than ones named John

- There is a 20 percent pay gap between women and men in equivalent roles

- One third of businesses have no female employees in executive leadership roles

Let’s face the facts: despite recent strides in gender equality, there is still a long way to go!

The glass ceiling might seem to be stuck in place, but together there are ways we can break through. Here are three ideas to start putting cracks in the invisible barrier:

A Culture of Open Dialogue:

Women in the office should have no problem reaching out to coworkers about how they are feeling- and it starts with culture. It’s all about the foundation of caring for one another and growing together. When you genuinely invest in your employees and promote candid conversations, every voice will be heard. A culture where employees feel comfortable with each other is key to making sure equality wins, and the foundation is communication.

Endorse Female Leadership:

Although it’s essential to have open conversations, reaching gender equality requires more than just words. Multiple studies find that companies with more women in leadership have better returns on equity. They also tend to be considered “higher quality” companies and are 45 percent more likely to report improved market share.

A few smart strategies include mentoring and coaching programs to provide women with the right tools for success. This develops professional growth, leadership skills and a clear vision for what they can achieve.

Look in the Mirror:

Internal statistics can say it all, so be transparent. How many women do you employ vs men? Are men and women with the same experience paid equally? How many women are in senior leadership roles? These simple questions can lead to easy and quantifiable goals for change. If you take time to answer them and follow up with appropriate action, it can lead to real results.

These tips represent just a few of the ways to help promote female talent and gender equality. When you start to think about advancing women in your workplace, your company and society will thank you.

At LaSalle, we’re proud 70 percent of our staff and 60 percent of our executives are female. In fact, our Chief Recruiting Officer, Krisi Rossi O’Donnell, shares tips on how she grew her career from an entry-level office assistant to the C-suite here!