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2019 LaSallian of the Year

2019 LaSallian of the Year: Jess Rico

You met our Making It Happen award winners, now it’s time to introduce you to the winner of LaSallian of the Year: Jess Rico. This award goes to the employee who epitomizes LaSalle’s culture; they’re friendly, passionate, hard working and a true team player – always happy to help a teammate out or go the extra mile for a client. The LaSallian of the Year is proud of what they do, where they work and isn’t afraid to shout it from the rooftops. Congratulations, Jess Rico!

Here’s what Jess has to say about the night and hearing her name called:

Describe the moment your name was called. How did you feel? 

Honestly, I blacked out. I was so overwhelmed with emotion that I think I just stood there. After I realized what was going on, I couldn’t stop smiling!

What do you do at LaSalle? 

I am a Senior Project Manager on our Office and Customer Services team out of our Schaumburg office. I’ve been with LaSalle for almost four years.

What does this award mean to you? 

SO MUCH. It reminds me that hard work really does pay off and it motivates me to keep working hard.

What have you accomplished in the past year that you are particularly proud of? 

I had the opportunity to lead multiple projects for combined offices and am really proud of the relationships I built with our clients because of it.

Why are you proud to be a LaSallian? 

BECAUSE WE ARE THE BEST OF THE BEST. We care. We fight. We work hard. We play hard. We push each other. We laugh with one another. We grow together. We are a family!! Or as I like to call it, LaFam :)

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