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2016 Making It Happen: Alan Jagnandan

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At LaSallemas, two of our annual awards were announced: LaSallian of the Year and Making It Happen. Making It Happen is awarded to a LaSallian who not only produced incredible results over the past year, but who ran through walls and broke down doors to do so. They were willing to do anything to accomplish their goals, and they pushed the needle for LaSalle.

This past week, Alan Jagnandan was recognized for the incredible year he's had! Find out more about how Alan pushed to produce this year, and what this award means to him:

What do you do at LaSalle?

I'm the Managing Director of Sales and have been with LaSalle for over 11 years.

Describe the moment your name was announced. What did you feel?

Speechless…as my brethren of LaSallians can attest to, this is a rarity. I’m completely humbled and honored to receive the award. Hearing the scream from the crowd gave me goose bumps, I’m not going to lie!

What does this award mean to you?

While I’ll never forget winning LaSallian of the Year back in 2006, this award is by far the most rewarding. Over the past year my wife (who I met at LaSalle) and I had our first baby, which put a new lens on life. I also began managing over the past year and kicked off the largest direct hire project our company has had- so there was plenty on my plate. This award makes all of the late nights and weekends worth it for a lot of different reasons... and makes the time I do get with family that much more gratifying!

What have you accomplished in the last year that you're particularly proud of?

Personally…becoming a father! Professionally, kicking off the direct hire project which led to LaSalle placing talent in 15 states and over 150 placements during the first seven months of the year!

Why are you proud to be a LaSallian?

The company has grown so much over the last 11 years-- but what has always stayed constant is the integrity and work ethic that comes with being a LaSallian. We truly are a TEAM that wins and loses together. Thankfully, we don’t lose often and continue to have a ton of fun as a collaborative, cohesive, and competitive family!