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16 HR Influencers to Follow

We enjoy learning from and engaging with a wide range of HR professionals and experts online. Some are vocal on Twitter through Twitter chats or hashtags, while others discuss HR issues and trends in-depth through blogs and books. We love absorbing it all.

Below are the top 16 HR influencers we enjoy the most. Each of these pros brings something different to the table, but no matter who you read or follow, you're bound to learn something new:

Josh Bersin 2016 HR Influencer

Josh Bersin

Principal & Founder, Bersin by Deloitte

Bersin by Deloitte is an HR-focused research agency, which means Josh Bersin is equipped with new data and interesting angles on the latest HR and talent management trends.

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Laszlo Bock HR Influencers 2016

Laszlo Bock

CEO and C0-Founder of HUMU. Former Senior Vice President of People Operations at Google

Bock has been a major driver for Google's internal growth since he joined them in 2006. He has helped the company grow from 6,000 employees to more than 50,000 worldwide, all while earning more than 30 Best Company to Work For awards. His book Work Rules! is one of the top books on leadership, and reveals some of the company's secret sauce when it comes to culture.

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Influencers (3)

Meghan M. Biro

Founder & CEO, TalentCulture; Founder of #Tchat

You can find Meghan's thoughts on recruiting and talent management monthly on Fortune and Entrepreneur... but you can find her every week on #Tchat, the Twitter chat she has built into an impressive community of HR professionals. Every Wednesday from 12-1 pm CST, hundreds of people convene online to discuss a new topic in-depth.

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Influencers (19)

Minda Zetlin

Business Technology Writer, Inc. Columnist

Zetlin covers business and startup trends daily for Inc., and you can count on her blending personal insights, wit, and interesting research into her pieces. She frequently writes about workplace culture and career success, and she specializes in discussing the relationship between business leaders and technology.

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Influencers (5)

Kris Dunn

Founder of Fistful of Talent & HR Capitalist

Fistful of Talent is one of the best places to go on the internet to find fresh and sometimes irreverent insights into the HR and recruiting industries. At its helm is Kris Dunn, who also runs his own recruiting blog HR Capitalist. If you love sports analogies and wide-ranging expertise, his blogs are for you.

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Influencers (4)

Liz Ryan

Founder & CEO, Human Workplace

While Ryan's writing on The Huffington Post, Forbes, and LinkedIn covers a range of HR topics, she's strongest when she's reaching out to employees and professionals looking to grow and thrive. Her goal is to reinvent work for people, and she's tackling it one colorful illustration at a time.

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Influencers (20)

Dan Schawbel

New York Times Bestselling Author, Forbes & Inc. 30 Under 30

Schawbel is an expert on personal branding, career development, and managing generations in the workplace. He's a contributor for Forbes and TIME, and he regularly appears on NBC and CNBC to discuss generational differences.

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Influencers (18)

Laurie Ruettiman

HR Writer, Speaker & Consultant

Ruettimann has traveled around the world speaking and presenting on HR. She runs her own blog as well as contributing to CareerBuilder's blog, The Hiring Site and Fistful of Talent. Her blog and her Twitter are always honest, funny, and engaging. Come for her expertise, and stay for the sass.

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Influencers (12)

Tom Bolt

Founder & CEO, Leute Management Services, LLC

Bolt is one of the most engaging and informative voices on #OMCchat every week, pulling from decades of experience in HR and recruiting. Outside of this weekly chat, Bolt's Twitter is a vault of interesting articles and studies for HR enthusiasts.

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Influencers (1)

J.T. O'Donnell

Founder & CEO, Work It Daily

J.T. O'Donnell loves to say that "every job is temporary," which means no matter what you do, you still need to constantly hone your career skills. Using nearly two decades of experience in recruiting, O'Donnell offers job seekers and recruiters advice surrounding the job search process. She's a contributing author for Inc, and she writes for Fast Company and Business Insider, as well.

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Influencers (16)

Suzanne Lucas

Freelance Writer

Suzanne Lucas claims her mission is to "demystify your Human Resources department." Writing for Inc., Lucas covers everything work-related, from open floor plans to the six-hour workday and generational differences. Lucas excels at making HR interesting and accessible to the average reader, and she brings a personal perspective with a splash of fun.

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Influencers (7)

Tim Sackett

President, HRU Technical Resources

Tim contributes his two cents to Fistful of Talent, CareerBuilder, and his own blog, The Tim Sackett Project. He often writes about HR technology, reviewing a different tech company or new software every Tuesday for "Talent Tech Tuesday." But his thoughts on engagement, workplace culture, and HR trends are where Sackett truly shines.

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Influencers (11)

Sharlyn Lauby

President of ITM Group

Lauby runs the popular HR blog, HR Bartender. Lauby puts her 20+ years of HR experience to work on the blog, where she discusses employee engagement, training and development, and company culture. She always brings a new perspective to well-covered issues, and her writing is always warm and engaging.

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Influencers (14)

Steve Boese

Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer, H3HR Advisors; Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer, HRevolutionize, LLC

Boese runs a fascinating blog, Steve's HR Technology; while he claims to focus on tech, in reality the blog covers everything from sports to news and HR trends. His "Chart of the Day" series is uniquely interesting, and he writes honestly and at length about issues facing the HR industry today.

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Influencers (9)

Alison Green

Owner, Ask a Manager Blog

Green answers readers' questions about workplace and career issues every day. She covers everything from negotiating start dates to productivity tips for managers, and her site receives more than 2 million views every month. Have a concern about something happening at your office? Chances are she's covered it already.

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Cyndy Trivella

Mgr. Marketing & Employer Branding Pro

Moderator of highly popular #OMCchat on Twitter, Cyndy has years of experience in management, HR and marketing. Her strong presence in the digital space provides value to HR managers and job seekers alike. Whether your'e looking for advice on leadership or navigating the working world, follow Cyndy to survive and thrive from nine-to-five.