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All cultures are unique, but not all cultures drive results. Let us help you align culture with your strategy to achieve your goals.

Sharing Our Secret Sauce for a Good Workplace Through Culture 20/20

companies that aligned cultures had 3x greater stock market returns than the market average

LaSalle Network has always believed employees should love where they work for the right reasons, and has seen firsthand the impact engaged employees can bring to an organization’s growth. Through Culture 20/20, we are setting out on a mission to help other companies do the same.

What do we do? We help companies simplify the complex nature of company culture and enact real solutions to better their businesses. Companies often mistake perks for culture, and our mission is to educate companies on what really makes a difference to get and keep employees engaged.


Our Process

Culture 20/20 focuses on five intangibles that research has proven to help engage employees and improve performance.
Engage employees and improve performance through: identification and alignment, connection to team, connection to leadership, communication and transparency, learning and growth and development
Through a comprehensive survey and focus group strategy, we work to identify opportunities for improvement and then collaborate with you to develop simple and sustainable solutions. We will help you create a culture that fits your business.

Will there be some perks involved? Sure. But we are also going to help you implement the more important changes that will get your employees engaged.


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Since LaSalle Network opened its doors in 1998, culture has been a priority, and today is one of our competitive advantages. Our culture is the engine that has fueled our year over year organic revenue growth for over 20 years. We’re proud of the 100+ awards we’ve received.
We are proud of the awards we've won from Inc. 5000, SIA, Forbes, and more.

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