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Successful Companies Utilize Reverse Mentoring

I read an article in the Wall Street Journal titled, “Reverse Mentoring Cracks Workplace.” The author, Leslie Kwoh, explained how many companies have begun mentoring programs that pair young employees with C-level executives. The belief is that both parties can learn a substantial amount from the other if they just take time to do so.

Younger employees can catch a glimpse of the world of management and ask candid questions of their mentors, while experienced employees can gain information about the ever-advancing world of social media and technology while gaining a fresh perspective.

At LaSalle, we have seasoned veterans and fresh grads alike comprising our war room. Everyone works side-by-side to achieve one goal. The age factor creates an interesting dynamic in our workdays. Young employees are constantly learning and receive valuable feedback on their performance. They
feel comfortable asking their manager or peers questions because they know their inquiries will be well received.

At the same time, our veteran employees are also learning from our younger demographic. Whether it be social media training or a new approach to recruiting, the ideas shared are beneficial to the company.

Pairing generations in the workplace allows a company to ensure that they stay ahead of the curve while still maintaining sound processes and values.